HTML Curmudgeon migrates

Back in my day websites were a sparkling, musical affair with bright colours and more animated .gif than legible content. The online landscape has moved on to sleek lines, content management systems, favouritweetinglikes, and large content aggregators rather than humble islands of fansites linked only by webrings and goodwill.

... It will take some time to migrate my content into this strange new content-managed world.

All the latest

Sometimes I tweet on twitter. Here's the most recent one, there's more on Twitter.

  • 30 second Leavanny sketch. I think she's trying to tell me something.
  • Q: What did you do this weekend, Erin? A: Drew an ant carrying a pretzel.
  • Halp, my pokemon keep taking selfies. Well, Leavanny does. Larry's just too lazy to move out of the way.
An overview of my recent art, the usual mix of styles, media and subjects. For more, see the deviantART gallery.

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