Aequetus Sayz

Aequetus Says is a chronicle of a study headcrab and his host, Erin, as they intrepidly venture into the fascinating academic miasma that is the Australian National University... This chronicles the experience, and art drawn during that period.

Hopefully all visitors, university-related or not, will find something to enjoy. If they don't, I recommend the purchase and subsequent ingestion of a foodstuff not dissimilar to the pie. That is always an enjoyable experience.

Note: As my degree is now finished this site will NOT BE UPDATED ANY FURTHER. For future musings on my academic career (honors etc), please see elsewhere on this site.

Undergraduate university career milestones

  • Ridiculous reference list (achieved, see SCOM3002)
  • Ridiculous cheat sheet (achieved, see PSYC2008)
  • Ridiculous course load (achieved, 6 concurrent units)
  • Not dying while crossing Barry Drive (so far so good)
  • Own weight in notes (achieved!)

    65.385kg in notes >  my body weight!


Yearly Wrapups

A final image wrapup of each year's unit mascots! Click for the full-sized image to open in a new window.

ANU Video Competition

This competition to make a video advertising our department at ANU ended not with a bang, but a whimper, thanks to several changes in hands of who was in charge of running it. I happily received second prize, certainly welcome recompense for the hours of toil.

vid4.jpg vid2.jpg vid3.jpg vid1.jpg

In the absence of it being anywhere on the ANU's official site, you can download and watch the finished video here (48 mb file), read the credits here, and download the soundtrack here, and read the sheet music here (page one, page two). These files are released under a creative commons license.

Aequetus's Campus Tour

Click the thumbnails to view bigger images of nice photos of the ANU campus, or scroll down to take Aequetus's tour.

Headcrab, camera, campus. All you could possibly need to give a rare insight into the Australian National University campus.

The first thing to note about the campus is that it is big. It is very, VERY big.


The campus is big, and so are its stumps. To give you a sense of scale - that's a damn huge tree stump.

It is so big, it has a lot of resident wildlife. Take, for example, these ducks.

There are a lot more ducks, but they ran away before the photo could be taken.

Another important aspect of the campus is their appropriate use of exit signs. Aequetus is having difficulty exiting.

Ducks and exits aside, what you see here is a building filled with awesome in book form. This is the Hancock science library. Yes, you may worship it as a God, leaving tributes of book returns in its Holy Return Slot.

Here you see a book that may be found in the Holy Hancock. Aequetus is studying while I'm stuffing around with the camera, he's such an industrious headcrab.

There are lots of lovely places to sit and contemplate your study. Here Aequetus is demonstrating what he calls "Sitting on a bench".

And ho, ANU is by no means limited to benches. Look at this chair... thing.

Of course, it is a modern campus, with a large number of excellent computer labs. They even have headcrab-friendly keyboards.

Of course, you can't take the computer labs with you all the time. My favoured noticeboard is my left hand.

Lectures often finish five minutes before the hour, but even so you must swiftly put all your things into your bag and leave so you shan't be late for the next lecture. Here you can see Aequetus doing so, while I helpfully cheer him on a take a photo.

It isn't all rushing between lectures, though. There is always time to pause and admire the bollards.

Aequetus and I have soon learned that time spent on a bus is time spent well if you are studying.

That's Aequetus's "Stop taking photos and start reading from here" look.

Here is a photo of Aequetus paying attention, and me being vague, during a psychology lecture.

Aequetus doesn't know much about art, but he knows what he likes.

We hope you found this photo tour informative! Be sure to pick up a complimentary spleen on the way out!

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