Aequetus Sayz

Semester 2, 2008


This semester’s ladies were a friedly lot, whose intriguing personalities could easily lull someone into a state of educational trance, but whose assessment could cruelly snap one back into reality. Consisto is by far the most laid back, Allard enjoys trying new things, Janice was almost overwhelming in her knowledge, while Oris preferred to present things one after another at a constant pace.

Notes from this semester weighed in at... 6.5kg


And now for some art inspired by doodles drawn between units. Click on the thumbnail to view the full image in a new window.


BIOL1009 - The Diversity Of Life

As a whirlwind tour of life as we know it, this course was very full-on content wise. However, moreso than any other course I’ve done in my uni career, I’m surprised at just how much of the content has stuck. Once you’ve done the animal course of the section, you’ll never think of the more ‘primitive’ organisms such as sponges as primitive. Once you’ve done the plants section of the course, you’ll find yourself inspecting every plant you see in search of the constituent parts (and excitedly pointing out the Xylem and Phloem in the cut stems of flowers. Of course, Lucy the python deserves a special mention. She’s a gorgeous starlet, who adds just one more compelling reason to do this fascinating info-packed course.


A veritable one person all-terrain vehical, Janice explores the extremes of environments in order to discover, catalogue and study the animal and plant life there. Joel, the nematode living in her shoulder, is a welcome guest who happily exists in a commensal relationship with its host.

PSYC2008 - Visual Perception and Cognition

This course weighed in as the heaviest in terms of notes taken during lectures, which is no surprise. Though the lecturers went through the material slowly enough so nothing was glossed over, this course covers a huge amount. I found knowledge from PSYC2007 (Biological Bases of Behavior) was a very helpful springboard for the ‘vision’ section of this course. The readings are really important if you want to get the most from this course – I recommend having at least one glance through the ‘optional’ readings, as they do expand on and consolidate the course content very well.


Oris understands just how important attention is, and ensures that people don’t merely look at her, but rather pay proper attention. With mere vestigial wings of the inner workings of the eye, she may not be able to fly but can glide if needs be. There’s nothing illusory (either sensory or perceptual) about her keen intellect. Her greatest heroes are Ames, Hubel and Weisel, and her constant companions are simple symbols often used for attentional testing, which double as stylish coasters or doilies.

PSYC2001 - Social Psychology

To put it simply, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It only actually felt like work before the final exam, and that was only because it was worth a meaty chunk of the overall grade. This is a course where you can sit back, relax, and let the information wash over you- I found it stuck without too much active effort on my part. This is probably because it applies to everyday social situations – every social setting becomes an unconscious revision opportunity! The textbook for this course was particularly excellent – once assessment was over, I couldn’t help but finish the final chapters of the book that weren’t part of the course itself. It has the perfect mixture of images, entertaining quotes and cartoons, and content.


A gentle observer, Consisto enjoys watching other people’s interactions, relaying information to the hive mind for processing. She recognizes conflict, and often introduces a superordinate goal for parties to cooperatively work toward as a means of calming the situation down. Due to her blueish skin tone, she is sometimes subject to prejudicial attitudes bourne of overgeneralization (“I had a blue mower that broke down, blue things suck, this strange woman must also suck”;), and hopes a law protecting her rights as a blue being, and banning blue-based insults, may be introduced.

PSYC2011 - Perspectives On Crime From Psychology and Criminology

This was an absolutely fascinating course. I particularly enjoyed the visiting lecturers, people who work in the field of criminal psychology, and their insights into both the psychology itself and the application of that psychology. A robust, interesting experience to be sure.


Though still relatively young, Allard has a sharp mind and an objective, yet compassionate heart. She works well with all the fields of psychology, and has many friends in the legal system. She can move fast if needs be, but prefers a more gradual and considered approach to problem solving, and endeavours to form robust opinions of situations rather than make snap judgements. An entertaining conversationalist, many people find some of her more sensational attributes very interesting, and though she may have been misrepresented in popular media over the years, the more one gets to know her, the more fascinating she turns out to be.