Operation: OH NO!

A long-planned fan comic (and perhaps point-and-click game) based on the 1990s educational games, Operation: Weather Disaster  and Operation: Eco Nightmare. Centres around the magnificently eeeeeevil villain from those series, Jonah. You can learn more about the source material from my Jonah fansite.

I intend to re-draw the first few (rather horrid) pages I attempted a few years back, they’re here mostly so I can pilot test how this hosting will cope with the web comic format. Click the page names below to explore.

This comic is a work in progress

Comic history

Over the years, I drew a few one-shot pages in a misguided attempt to see if my art could hold up to a full comic page… These took way too long, and turned out kind of crappy, but they paved the way for the pacing and aesthetic I was after.

I’ve had the designs and ideas for this in my head for more than 10 years now…. But it’s taken a while to learn to draw well enough that I actually think it worth going ahead.


Until then, here’s some assorted artworks showing where I’m taking Jonah Rainwater’s design. Click the thumbnails to view the full-sized images.

At long last, this short 2014 silly story test run felt like the art style I could proceed with…

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