Max Headroom

World and Characters

For worldbuilding and character reference, these are short biographies and image galleries of Max's world, as well as some of my own character designs for a fancomic I've got in the works.

Max Headroom

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A digital copy of ace reporter Edison Carter's mind which accidentally attained sentience, Max is... difficult to describe. Existing inside television, He shares Carter's perspicacity and confidence, but lacks the social graces and inhibitions to take the edge off his often cutting exhuberence and wit. Max says what he thinks (and he thinks about a lot of things, regardless of their relevance to the topic and hand). Add into the mix a healthy bit of egotism and finish off with a dash of childlike naivete, and you have a clumsy attempt to describe Max. If you don't already know him, just... Go look him up on YouTube. Right now. This page will still be here when you're done.


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Edison Carter

Edison Carter was the template personality for Max Headroom, and the two share many characteristics; goofy wit, self confidence, a knack with the ladies, and a desire to get to the truth that is only compounded when authority figures are being obstructive. Carter is the star reporter for Network 23, particularly well known for his segment “What I want to know”, wherein he digs into injustice and secrecy. His success as a reporter has left him in a comfortable financial position. Carter has quite a temper, and isn't afraid to get physical (i.e. clubbing a pursuer with his camera, punching an erstwhile controller in the mouth) if it'll help him get to the truth. He has contacts among the poorer areas of the city, including Rik and Big Time TV's Blank Reg and Dominique. He is close friends with Bryce Lynch and his immediate superior Murray, and seems romantically interested in Theora despite her continual, if gentle, rebuffs of his advances. There have been times when he has resented Max, especially when Max seemed to be getting more reporting jobs and ratings than him, but their relationship mellowed into friendship over time.

Theora Jones

Theora works as a controller for Network 23, and is considered one of the best at her job. Cool in a crisis, her resourcefulness and ability to find relevant information quickly has saved Carter's skin on many occasions. Her particular friends include Bryce, Network 23's resident genius, Helen, a high-flying businesswoman, her brother, who was involved in the dangerous sport Raking for a time, and Murray, her immediate boss at Network 23. Though Carter seems interested in her romantically, she has not reciprocated, rebuffing his advances good-naturedly.

Bryce Lynch

Effectively Max's creator, Bryce is Network 23's resident child prodigy computer programmer. His moral compass is a little wonky; he'll attempt any task as long as it piques his interest and he is allowed freedom to explore the possibilities, and often views things in purely scientific terms without seeing the more human consequences. His immoral proclivities are tempered by his growing friendships with Carter, Theora, Max and Murray. He can often be found either working or idly fiddling with things (i.e. a hula hoop, a rubics cube) in his lab. As a precursor to the technology that led to Max was a digital talking parrot, I though it'd be nice to run with the idea and give him a parrot android (which could come in useful for spying on ne'er-do-wells).

Networks: Network 23 - Murray

Murray is a producer at Network 23, managing, among others, Carter and Theora. Often forced into a liaison role, Murray balances Carter's rash gung-ho attitude with the overly cautious Network 23 executives. Little is mentioned about Murray's personal life, but it is hinted at that he has been through a messy divorce and has lost visitation rights to a daughter. He has a particularly close friendship with Carter, socialising with him outside of work (i.e. they play squash).